Who can get a Colorado Concealed Carry Permit?

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July 11, 2019

Any Colorado resident who is 21 years old can apply for a concealed carry permit through the County Sheriff’s office in the County of their residence.

Applying for the permit is relatively easy. The application procedure is detailed on the website of most County Sheriffs here in Colorado. You should check the site for your County and if you have any questions direct them to their office.

Most have an application packet that can be downloaded or picked up at the Sheriff’s office. The contents typically include detailed instructions on how to apply, the application itself and a list of what supporting documents are required including a certificate of completion from an approved class. Part of the procedure is they will fingerprint you – most offices don’t get you fingers all black anymore when they do this as is it all electronic. They will also take a digital photograph of you for your permit once it is issued. So be sure to look respectable when you go in at your appointed time. You don’t want your permit photo to look like a mug shot!

Once you have the information together, you typically need to make an appointment to apply. This must be done in person. An appointment is usually necessary because they want to make sure the personnel are available that will process your application. They don’t want to waste your time coming in if everyone in the office is preoccupied. Times are usually scheduled at your convenience in smaller offices while large counties specify hours that you must come in.

While Colorado is what is known as a “shall issue” state, which basically means that the Sheriff shall issue a permit to anyone he or she cannot disqualify. Disqualification can come from the results of an FBI fingerprint check, a background check from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, or another source.

Certain items are disqualifying. Some of the more common ones are things such as the applicant is not 21 years of age, they do not reside in Colorado (although there are now provisions for exceptions in this area your Sheriff may invoke), they have a restraining order against them, they have had two or more DUI convictions, have been convicted of domestic violence, have a felony conviction in their past or have been adjudicated mentally unfit. Another common disqualification is if they are a holder of a medical marijuana card as this would violate a federal statute against drug users possessing a gun or ammunition.

These are not all the dis-qualifiers but are the most common. Most instructors who teach the required class go over these in class. I do this at the beginning of my class in the event someone sees they will likely not get a permit. Most will speak to me confidentially at a break and decide weather to finish the class or not. Since I do not collect the class fee until the class is finished they are free to leave without spending anything but their time. Many elect to finish the class for the valuable information it contains.

Most folks have an inkling of a possibly dis qualifier in the background and discuss it before scheduling a class.

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