No level of experience with guns is required by Colorado Statutes, however If you are just starting out with handguns, please do the responsible thing and get instructional and practical experience. We offer this training for $25 per hour either before or after you attend the concealed class.

Even though Colorado is a “shall issue” State, you must meet the requirements to qualify for a permit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you will not be denied a Colorado Concealed Carry Permit. For example, you won’t be issued a permit if you were ever convicted of a felony or domestic assault, are a drug addict or user, are an alien, are under a restraining order, or were dishonorably discharged from the military.

Our class exceeds the requirements of the Colorado Revised Statutes for permit application. However, some Colorado County Sheriffs have taken lessons from certain national leaders and have dictated “executive orders” of their own.

It appears that some of them don’t like the laws of the land. Rather than working to change it legally, they make up their own rules, justify it in their own minds, and defend their actions in various ways. One such rule is requiring range time for concealed carry permit applications when Colorado Law does not require it.

If you live in one of these Counties, we can provide range time with a NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer. This costs $25/hour, in addition to the class fee. The reason we have to charge an additional fee is because it takes up more of our instructor’s time. If you choose to do your range time at a commercial range, then all associated range or membership fees are your responsibility.