We focus on individuals and small groups of your family, friends and coworkers in order to give you the best concealed carry class in Colorado. No mega classes full of strangers you know nothing about.

We started this Colorado only business by conducting classes for high net worth individuals, their family members and employees. These classes are an extension of that concept at a greatly reduced price.

We do not use ex-military or law enforcement instructors because they often have a different perspective, focus and rules of engagement ingrained in their psyche.

We conduct  concealed carry classes only in Colorado so we can focus on information that is 100% relevant to our residents.


  • No registering online. We are serious about keeping your information private.
  • No women only classes because we treat everyone with respect all the time.
  • No paying in advance. You pay after the class and you are 100% satisfied.
  • No classes filled with people you don’t know.
  • No courses ever canceled because of not enough students
  • Class scheduled at your convenience, not the school or the hotel’s.
  • We take your calls 7 days a week